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I'm the kind of fanfic writer, fanart designer & music vid maker whom likes to concentrate on relationships/moments/character studies... So, you will find this echoed & suggested in a great deal of my work, & here is no exception... I am into both Ship & Slash... Internet sources & helpful friends are where I get all my clips & I try never to steal anyone else's editting work... But admittedly, I do take clips - NOT EDITS - just CLIPS(and when I do, I always do my best to give credit where it's due!) - Taking other people's editting work IS clip-theft, but I don't think that taking just bare clips is Theft - because, in reality, the clips belong to NONE OF US IN FANDOM - They belong to the people who had the idea, the money, and the technology to actual get them filmed in the first place - I DO NOT OWN anything of the subject material in my vids (and neither does anyone else in fandom!) - I DO NOT make money from them either..!

Bethany xxx